About Me

Avril Rowe
I’m Avril Rowe and I am excited to become trustee in a community my family & I have called home for the past 6 years.

I graduated from University of Toronto with an Honours BA, political science specialist. Continuing in the path of my studies, I started a career in the public service where I have worked for the past decade. My current role includes examining and dismantling systemic barriers in staffing systems & policies within my department.

Having graduated from the Ontario public school system myself, I have a strong desire to see every child succeed in our public schools. As a current DDSB parent, I have the privilege and intimate understanding of how policy impacts our students here and now.

I’ve seen the ramifications of the pandemic firsthand on our children, educators & families. Like most parents of school-age children, I’ve waited with bated breath for Doug Ford to announce if I’ll have to balance work with more school closures. Drawing up the pros vs cons list when deciding between in-person vs virtual school. Consoling my children when they couldn’t see their friends and our family. I’ve stressed about the learning gaps, looked into tutors and wondered with my husband if we’re failing our children.

I know 1000% that “children are resilient” is not the answer to failing mental health, learning disparities and increasing special education needs coupled with growing class sizes.

This isn’t a means into politics or about status for me, this is where I need to be.

In my role as a community member looking to effect change, I have been actively involved in the following:

  • School Community Council member
  • DDSB Compendium of Action for Black Student Success Revision Committee
  • Planning Committee for DBEN’s inaugural “And Still I Rise” Afrocentric Heritage Program
  • Urban Alliance on Race Relations: Coalition for Racial Equity in Education (former parent advocate)